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Building Wrap

Building wraps are an essential part of water managed walls. When water passes through the exterior cladding, these weather-resistive barriers serve as the second layer of moisture protection, deflecting water away from sheathing and keeping it from further penetrating the wall system. The wraps also serve as a barrier to air infiltration, improving energy efficiency and keeping moisture out of the wall system. Plus they breathe to allow moisture vapor to escape, facilitating the drying process. Our comprehensive line of Building wraps, Drainable wraps, and Commercial wraps ensures you will find a product that is an excellent fit for your specifications.


C500 - Commercial wrap

  • Qualified air barrier
  • Excellent water-resistive barrier
  • Superior durability and tear resistance, minimizing fastner usage

C2000 - Commercial wrap

  • Qualified air barrier
  • Excellent water-resistive barrier
  • Extremely high permance

RainDrop - Drainable wrap

  • Provides advanced moisture management
  • Drainage channels move water away from the wall
  • Excellent air and water barrier performance

Classic Wrap

  • Known for toughness and durability
  • Water-resistive air retarder
  • The "original green tough stuff," introduced in 1990 as Amowrap

Value Wrap

  • Price-to-performance value
  • Protects against air and water infiltration
  • Designed not to tear, making it tough and reliable

See Links and Downloads for additional information and specifications.