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Butyl & Asphalt Flashing

Blocking water intrusion around windows and doors is a must for preventing wall damage. Properly installed GreenGuard® Flashings help deflect water that would otherwise enter the wall. The GreenGuard® line includes a choice of two types of self-adhered flashing, both of which get the job done. GreenGuard® Flashing has a rubberized asphalt adhesive that works well in most applications. GreenGuard® Butyl Flashing adheres across a broad range of install temperatures and is available as both a straight line and stretchable versions to cover all flashing challenges.


  • Available in both Butyl and Rubberized Aspahlt
  • Blocks water penetration into the wall system
  • Creates a permanent, watertight seal
  • Self-adhered flashing available as stretchable or straight

 See Links & Downloads for additional information and specifications.